Photographing studio

Photoshoot at a real studio would be nice. I love showing off, but I can't seem to be able to take very good pictures of myself. That's mostly because I get so aroused when taking photos that I forget to pay attention to the camera and start paying more attention to my little boycock and tits. I wouldn't mind getting an invitation to a studio to let someone professional handle the camera for me.

I don't know much about posing in photographs, but I'd like to do a wide variety of different poses myself. I know what I am and I'm very proud of my body, especially the girly tits, a fine round ass and of course also my "little extra" - the part you don't get with real girls ;-)

And my dear god how I'd love to repay a nice photographer for his effort. One of my fantasies lately has been a fuck in a phtographing studio. I know these guys are professional, but I'd really love to try if I could seduce and distract them to come from behind the camera to inside me...


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