Help in the kitchen

Come help me out in the kitchen, please! I'm a good cook, but I need some help with cutting the salmon. The moment you come in to the kitchen, you see me sitting there on the table, looking at you with puppy eyes, my scant clothes teasingly revealing. There's something more than I want from you than just cutting the salmon.

 You can't help but notice my tube top has fallen down just barely exposing part of my nipple. I'm aroused. The chilly excitement fills me, giving me goosebumps. I know I'm getting your attention. I dip my finger between my moist lips and run it down to my nipple, circling it slowly. I gently put my hand inside my tube top and grab my boob softly but firmly into my hand. I feel a gush of precum in my panties.

I get off the table and strip down my clothes in front of you. I do it slow, teasing. I see there's a bulge in your pants so I beg you to strip down with me. You take off your pants and I instantly grab your cock and suck it off a little. It's really hard. You sit on a chair, showing me to sit on your lap.

And I do. I let your cock penetrate me slowly. I'm in heat so I can't hold back anymore. I start riding and grinding your big hard cock. My floppy dick swings up and down, you can feel it hitting your nuts now and then. My hormone enhanced tits bounce in steady motion and I'm in heaven. I just want you to cum inside me now. Will you, please?


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