Pretty in pink

When I want to look like I'm ready to take on an army of hard cocks, I dress up all innocent. My favorite color is pink of course and not a loud, screaming purple pink but that pastel color, pale marhmallow pink. Dressing up in all pink and white is my invitation to you; now you can fuck me all you want, I submit.

See-through pink clothes are so sexy, I think! It makes my skin look pinkish, especially where I'm not tanned. That means my little tits. They look pink, puffy, tight, like ripe fruit ready to be sucked, fucked and abused. I admit, I have sometimes almost reached an orgasm just by looking at myself in pink lingerie in front of a mirror. Can you believe that!

I know that when you come home from a hard day at work, I want to look my best to take your mind off those pressing issues. Instead I want to look like a pink fluffy marshmallow you can press up against. I'm waiting for you right now, dressed up in pink. Want to come and release your pressure?


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